Workbuster is a recruitment and employer branding software

For companies that want to be a step ahead.

Find tomorrow’s talent today

Before you can begin to place the right talent in the right position, you must find the person in question. That might sound easier than it actually is – because the right person for the job might equally well be in the next room or on the other side of the world! With Workbuster, you can both build up a talent pool of applicants and keep track of the skills that you already have at your disposal within the company.

A customised Careers Page

Workbuster provides you with a unique careers page that’s easy to amend so that you can always keep it up to date. You decide whether it should be a separate page or integrated into your normal website.


Advertise where you’ll get seen – and where it matters!

The tool makes it easy to see where your adverts have had the best effect. With a few clicks, you can publish your job advertisement in the job portals where the talents you require are searching.


The right skills might already be available in your talent pool

Workbuster efficiently analyses all talents in your talent pool every time a new job is posted. This way you can easily take advantage of both new and old candidates, both externally and internally within your company.

Be that company that everyone chooses

It’s not simply a matter of identifying the most competent talents – they must in turn have the desire to work for you. We therefore place great importance in ensuring that applicants feel involved throughout the process. Workbuster does everything – from a well-adapted application form with relevant questions, to providing ongoing feedback.

Make it easy to apply

It should be just as easy to apply for a job as it is to create adverts and recruit. Therefore, candidates should be able to link to their CV via LinkedIn and Facebook. And only ask those questions to which you feel a reply is relevant.


Don’t forget to provide feedback…

Feedback during the recruitment process is a luxury these days, so you should naturally provide your candidates with just that. Our tool reminds you when a candidate should receive a response and about what.

…and don’t forget your homegrown talent.

There are many advantages to the fact that, whenever you create an advertisement, Workbuster shows you the talent you already have at your fingertips. This both simplifies the recruitment process but it also means that capable employees feel that they can advance their careers within the company rather than by looking elsewhere.


Utilise your internal competence when you recruit

Allowing your team to take part in the recruitment process might sound like you’re just creating a lot of unnecessary work. However, the fact is that joint decisions often benefit the group as a whole. With Workbuster, you get tools that make it simple and convenient to utilise everyone’s knowledge in deciding who will best complement the group.

Assess skills together

Our tool facilitates collaboration between you and your colleagues so that together you can easily assess and manage the talent on offer in order to find exactly what you need.


Candidate histories

In order to make use of the entire team’s impressions, there is a candidate history that clearly shows your thoughts and judgements throughout the process. This makes life simpler, not only during the recruitment you are currently facing but also if you wish to use a candidate further down the line.

Maintain your lead through continuous improvement

To us ‘one step ahead’ means always moving forward, rather than taking one giant leap from time to time. Knowing where one is heading, preferably before anyone else has seen the goal, is the true definition of being ahead of the game. With Workbuster, you get all of the tools you need to be right there. First.


Measure the effectivenss of your advertising

Workbuster tracks the source of each application, so that you can see which channels are giving the desired effect, not only in terms of total applications but also in delivering the right talent.

Identify bottlenecks

Our aim is to make a recruitment process as efficient as possible. By constantly providing you with information; for example, where you are finding your talent, what part of the process takes time and which candidates are interested in you, you can easily make adjustments and quickly assess whether these give the desired result.


Who is interested in you?

In our tool, you can easily see in which areas of expertise you attract plenty of interesting candidates and in which fields you need to work harder to attract the right talent. You can then easily adapt the information on your careers page and aim advertisements at the right target groups.