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New feature! Notifications by email

2018-12-17 | System news

Users can now get a daily notifications summary by email. Each user can individually choose to turn off/on their email notifications by following the instructions… Read more

New feature – Subscription emails

2018-12-17 | System news

Subscription emails gives your candidates the possibility to subscribe to new job opportunities. The emails are automatically sent every seventh day to your subscribers, with job suggestions… Read more

New feature! Request removal of personal data

2018-12-17 | System news

We have launched a new feature which will simplify the process of requesting removal of personal data for applicants and for you to complete the… Read more

New Feature! Document types in Workbuster

2018-11-02 | System news

It’s now possible to create multiple document types for your application forms, for example if you want the applicants to upload both a résumé and… Read more

New Career Page Editor in Workbuster

2018-06-29 | System news

Attracting talents and expressing your company culture is getting more and more important. The last couple of years we have experienced a growing interest in… Read more

We’re introducing Influencers in Workbuster!

2018-03-22 | System news

To let your employees help finding the right candidates when you are recruiting has been proven to be both cost efficient, provide more qualitative results… Read more