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Workbuster AB
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Telephone: +46-8-580 807 30


Telephone: +46-8-580 807 30

About Workbuster

Workbuster was founded in 2008. The same year, we launched our applicant tracking system which quickly became a trendsetter in the Swedish market. Since the start, we have been honored with some very fantastic clients who have been extremely helpful and supportive in our development of the applicant tracking system.

For the last 5 years, Workbuster have enjoyed organic growth of more than 400 per cent, something the market has recognized and awarded us with Di Gasell for high-growth companies in both 2015 and 2016. Our growth rate has given us the means to enhance our systems to ensure its position at the very forefront of market development, and to allow our clients to always stay a step ahead.

In Workbuster, you will not only find a top-notch applicant tracking system, but also a reliable partner who you can be certain will always be there by your side, and will always lead the development of applicant tracking systems.